Sunday, January 17, 2010

How to build a homemade NUCLEAR bomb…

This article has been taken as it is from the site as i thought it has to be reposted. It gives the real principle on which the bomb is made …only for educational purpose

“I tried to base my discussions and my pictures here on real working principles. I don’t know if any of my own personal designs work because it is not legal for me to build and test them. Anything here that says "homemade" or says "without" is what I designed myself(Never built or tested). The rest of the information and pictures here is from other creditable sources that I could obtain else where.

The homemade designs will take one of two things to make them work. 1 Enriched material 2. A simulated fusion chamber. With enriched material that takes time but that can be done from home with a neutron source and maybe plenty of electricity depending on how your enriching it. With un-enriched material it can be instantly enriched with neutrons but that takes great heat and pressure from fusion temperatures and a neutron source called a sparkplug. I have included both ways to make bombs here. Enriching material can be done with a device to give off neutrons. Without enrichment we need a neutron source with a makeshift homebuilt fusion reactor. The magnetic fields in the fusion container set off the nuclear weapon. If using a fusion plasma it has to be at least a million degrees to work. I recommend using the focus fusion reactor to heat the secondary plasma with its particles since those particles can come out at up to 1 billion degrees along with two other sources of heat. Magnetic compression and ohmic (electrical) heating. We could use radio frequency heating but I don’t think that would be necessary unless it is just wanted. Basically in a nutshell this is what you need for homemade nuclear weapons.


For starters, you have the two basic ingredients at your house right now. In your sink is water, in your back yard at 12 parts per million is the most common element on earth that is better than uranium, thorium.

Making fission part of bomb.
Step 1. Get thorium from the best natural resources around or buy it from a chemical supply store.

Step 2. If using natural thorium(meaning you dug it up somewhere). Separate its isotopes from the non-thorium isotopes. Use information from this site or research it. (Basically you heat it to a vapor and use magnetic or laser separation). There are other ways to separate it.

Step 3. Make decision. Can enrich thorium to uranium-233 or use fusion-fission device listed at this site. If enriching it you will only need conventional explosives to set it off.

Step 4. Make decision - Can buy lithium-6-deuterium hydride compound from a chemical supply house instead of making it. If making it follow directions below.

Step 5. Get water from sink. Make hydrogen from it with electrolysis. Distill this hydrogen to deuterium. Distilling diagrams listed at this site as well as electrolysis diagrams.

Step 6. Make decision. Can distill tritium from hydrogen or make it with focus fusion reactor.

Step 7. If using focus fusion reactor choice can make lithium-6 or tritium directly. With direct tritium no sparkplug will be needed in nuclear device. diagram of focus fusion reactor listed on this site.

Step 8. Can make lithium, tritium, deuterium, thorium, uranium-233 into a compound powder if want. see compound section of this site for that.

Step 9 From above decisions construct nuclear device. if using natural thorium construct fusion-fission device. Will need to decide what to use for a spark plug. Plain liquid or solid hydrogen might be ok. If using lithium6-deuterium construct fusion device but we will not need plasma because the fission device will set it off but we will still need a sparkplug. See fission and fusion devices for more information. If using uranium-233 only need explosives to set it off. If using tritium-deuterium just put it beside the fission device it will go off on its own when the fission device explodes. No sparkplug will be needed with tritium-deuterium device just a fission device.

Special notes: Don’t forget to use radiation shielding when working with radioactive material. Thorium makes a real good radiation shield. Use left over's for that or buy lead. Lastly, don’t try this for real without contacting your responsible authorities and telling them your plans and intentions then consulting your local experts.”


“Ways to heat a plasma.

1. Ohmic Heating - The plasma can be heated to temperatures up to 20-30 million K through the current passing through the plasma. It is called ohmic or resistive heating; the heat generated depends on the resistance between the plasma and current. However, as temperature rises, resistance drops, making this form of heating less and less effective. Other methods are necessary in addition in order to heat the plasma to required temperatures.

2. Neutral-Beam Injector - High energy, neutral atoms are shot into the plasma, and are immediately ionized. These ions then get trapped by the magnetic fields, and transfer some of their energy to the surrounding plasma particles through collisions, thus raising the overall temperature. Author side note: THE FOCUS FUSION REACTOR IS GREAT FOR THIS. USE ITS PARTICLES TO HEAT A SECONDARY PLASMA!!!

3. Magnetic Compression - The plasma can be heated through a rapid compression, which is possible by increasing the magnetic field. In the tokamak, this compression occurs by moving the plasma to an area of a higher magnetic field.

4. Radiofrequency Heating - High-frequency waves are launched into the plasma through the use of oscillators. If the waves have the right wavelength, their energy can be transferred into certain particles, which then transfer the energy through collisions with others.”

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