Sunday, August 24, 2014

Forward Naked domains to Openshift for FREE

How to attach a domain name to OpenShift or any PaaS account ?

1. Create a new app ex in OpenShift -
2. Get a domain from Godaddy.
3. Signup for a free account for CloudFlare


1. Add a website, by specifying the domain name -

2. In the DNS settings, check if these two entries are there - if not create them manually
  • www points to - type CNAME
  • points to - type CNAME
3. Delete A level record from the list

4. CloudFlare now shows you two name servers.


1. Delete the existing nameservers provided by Godaddy in Godaddy's control panel, in the domain settings for

2. Add the two nameservers provided by CloudFlare to domain settings of in GoDaddy

3. Check if domain forwarding is disabled or off. It should be disable or off by default

OpenShift Client Tools - Locally

1. Install the rhc client tools for openshift, if you haven't and set it up, by following the instructions here

2. After Installation execute these commands
  • rhc alias add app_name
  • rhc alias add app_name

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